Thermo King of the Southeast Sales completes a ten (10) unit TriPac Evolution sale to a national carrier company.

TriPac Evolution

The TriPac Evolution is powered by a 2-cylinder, Tier IV final-compliant diesel engine that powers:

  • 13,000 BTU air conditioning system including compressor, evaporator, controller (system charged with R-134a at Thermo King dealership during installation)
  • 7,500 BTU fuel-powered heater
  • Single HVAC controller
  • 65-amp alternator

And, of course, is Thermo King DPF-compatible

Programmable settings within the controller means the TriPac Evolution doesn’t heat or cool the cab during out-of-service days; it simply monitors and maintains battery voltage and engine coolant temperatures so that the tractor starts dependably.

A couple of the more popular TriPac Evolution installation add-ons that our customers opt for are:

Driver CONVENIENCE Package (073035)

Includes 1,800 watt inverter and two GFI receptacles. 120 amp alternator provides quicker battery charging under heavy accessory loads. Ideal for supersized sleepers and drivers with heavy appliance usage during rest periods

Arctic Package (073025)

Monitors tractor engine coolant temperature and automatically starts the TriPac Evolution to heat the shared engine coolant. Reduces cold weather starting issues for the tractor even after extended periods of no operation in cold temperatures.

For more information about the TriPac Evolution from Thermo King, contact us today, or call (toll free) 888-974-8573