Thermo King Starters


Genuine Thermo King starters are the only starters designed especially for your Thermo King unit. Don’t trust your business to imitators - choose Genuine Thermo King!

Genuine Thermo King Extended Life OE Starters

• Genuine OEM starter that comes from the factory with new unit

• Engineered specifically for Thermo King engine

• Provide maximum durability and reduced operating costs

• Designed to give your Thermo King unit optimal performance and maximum life

Genuine Thermo King Standard Life Plus Starters

•  Genuine Thermo King quality built to meet the demands of your Thermo King unit

• Engineered by Thermo King specifically for heavy-duty off-road application

• Provide maximum value

Genuine Thermo King Remanufactured Starters

• Exceeds the typical ‘rebuild’ process with an objective to remanufacture the parts close to new specifications

• Deliver like-new performance and quality

•  Replacement of high-wear items such as bearings, brush holder screws and clutch spring clips

• Thorough inspection and repair of other components

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Disclaimer: Thermo King of the Southeast is not authorized to sell parts outside of their area of responsibility. If you are looking to purchase parts outside of Florida or South Georgia, please contact your local Thermo King dealer. Refer to the Thermo King Dealer Locator for assistance.