Thermo King Spectrum® SB 30 Multi-Temperature System

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Thermo King
Spectrum® SB 30 Multi-Temperature System



SPECTRUM multi-temperature systems lead the way in advanced cargo protection.

Thermo King’s temperature control systems for trailers usher in a new era in transport refrigeration. Fueled by growing concerns over temperature inaccuracy and contamination of perishable food products, governments and customers worldwide are demanding tighter control and more accurate monitoring of temperatures throughout the “cold chain.” Regulatory bodies have become industry partners in this effort, creating the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) as a means of control.

At the same time, transport companies continually seek greater fuel efficiency, along with systems that run quietly and are easy to operate. The new SPECTRUM system meets these new challenges head-on, by incorporating the latest technology and innovation into the industry’s most advanced temperature control system. Reliability, temperature control, fast pull down, ease of use, fuel efficiency, quiet operation ... they’re all here. The SPECTRUM systems do it all ... and nobody does it better.

  • High performance
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Whisper™ Quiet operation
  • Smart Set™ control for optimum temperature control
  • Smart Reefer 2™ (SR-2) controller
  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to monitor
  • Low maintenance
  • Hybrid option
Reduced Maintenance
  • EMI-3000, Extended Maintenance Interval includes a special 12,000 hour coolant and high grade mineral oil to significantly extend service life.
  • Reduces clean up and disposal costs
  • Reduces environmental impact with less spillage and less waste
  • Extends engine life
  • Reduces maintenance cost up to 45% over competitive models
  • Contributes to less operating cost
  • This highly touted package features specially designed oil, fuel and air filters
SR-2 Controller Features
  • Extremely easy to use, simple text display for: Changing setpoint; Customer selectable alarms; System performance monitoring; Start of trip; Viewing all zones at the same time
  • Enhanced safety and security for load protection is even more effective with: Keypad with lock-out; Mode-lock; Phase-correction; Diesel/electric auto switching; Setpoint warning; Analyze and store data using Wintrac® software
  • So smart it can speak 21 languages with a multi-lingual text menu: Records all operational parameters; English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Russian, Plus 10 other languages
  • CargoWatch™ provides temperature and system data for HACCP plan: 6 temperature sensors/probes; 4 door switches; Humidity sensor; Data averaging; Programmable, temperature out-of-range alarms (optional)
  • ServiceWatch™ built in preventative maintenance logger is standard: Provides improved diagnostics; Keeps track of system performance and functionality
  • Improved diagnostics to understand and respond to problems including: A comprehensive listing of alarm codes with text descriptions; Customer-selectable alarms; A service test mode
Standard Features
  • Smart Reefer 2™ controller
  • SmartSet™
  • Smooth Air™ Blower assembly
  • EMI-3000
  • Whisper™ Quiet technology
  • Long-life coolant/silicone hoses
  • SmartPower Electric Standby
  • Pre-Filter fuel filtration system
  • Standard unit color white
  • Standard grille color black
  • Directional air delivery
  • Vibration isolation system
  • Aluminum undermount fuel tank 50 gal. (186 liter)
  • Alternator, 120 Amp, 12 Vdc (SB)
  • Alternator, 60 Amp, 12 Vdc (DE)
  • CargoWatch™
  • Service Watch™
Options (Factory Installed)
  • Remote status light
  • Special color grilles white or gray
  • Fuel heater
  • Frost plug heater
  • Fresh Air Exchange
  • Spectrum S-3 Remote EVAP
Options (Dealer Installed)
  • Thermo King bulkhead
  • Rear remote control
  • Electronic door switches
  • EON battery
  • Ultra Sonic fuel sensor
All-New Ultra Sonic Fuel Sensor
  • Utilizing ultra sonic technology for more accurate fuel readings, this new sensor comes installed in the fuel tank and delivers the following benefits:
  • Reduces out-of-fuel shutdowns
  • Reduces load loss claims
  • Accurately monitors fuel consumption during detached operation
Smooth Air™ Blower
  • Thermo King’s innovative new evaporator blower assembly saves fuel while increasing capacity.
  • Up to a 7% fuel savings
  • 4% greater capacity
  • Improved pulldown for reduced runtime
  • 24% less power required
  • A more efficient blade design allowed for a smaller blower assembly. Smoother air inlets mean less friction and less energy consumed, resulting in increased capacity.
Remote Evaporators
  • Designed with high airflow and large capacity, the SPECTRUM S-3 Remote Evaporator is the perfect complement to the SPECTRUM host units. Like a Thermo King host unit it was also built to last being both durable as well as efficient.
  • Return Air To Evaporator: 35°F (1.7°C): 29,600 BTU/hr; 8,675 Watts (Airflow=1200 CFM)
  • Return Air To Evaporator: 0°F (-17.8°C): 18,400 BTU/hr; 5,395 Watts (Airflow=1200 CFM)
  • Return Air To Evaporator: -20°F (-28.9°C): 11,950 BTU/hr; 3,500 Watts (Airflow=1200 CFM)
  • Continuous run/Cycle-Sentry™
  • Automatic defrost initiation
  • Programmable defrost timer
  • TK486V direct-injection diesel
  • Four-cylinder, liquid-cooled
  • API classified CI mineral oil after break-in
  • 15 qt (14.2 liter) oil capacity
  • 34.0 hp rating operating at 2200 rpm
  • 3000 hour maintenance intervals
  • Meets EPA emissions requirements for Tier 2 through 2007 and Interim Tier 4 through 2012 (applies to units with an engine serial number beginning with “V” or manufactured after April, 2005)
  • Model X430L
  • 30.0 cu in (491.6 cm3) displacement
  • High-strength forged crankshaft
  • Lightweight, aluminum alloy body, heads and sump
  • Replaceable cylinder liners
  • Vanasil® ringless pistons
  • Gerotor oil pump
Refrigeration Capacities
  • System net cooling capacity at 100°F (38°C) ambient and high-speed engine operation.
  • 35°F (1.7°C): 51,000 BTU/hr
  • 0°F (-17.8°C): 31,000 BTU/hr
  • -20°F (-28.9°C): 20,000 BTU/hr
  • Weight: 1645 lbs (746 kg)
  • Weight, Fuel tank, 50 gallons: 35 lbs (16 kg)
Warranty: Terms of the Thermo King Warranty are available on request from your local Thermo King dealer.



Refrigeration Capacity
51,000 BTU/hr


Engine Type
Direct-injection diesel
Engine Model
Engine Rating
34 hp
Maintenance Intervals
3000 hours


1645 lb. (746 kg)
83.46 x 76.11 x 23.26 in. (2120 x 1933 x 590 mm)

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