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Precedent® S-610DE



The Precedent multi-temp reefer platform from Thermo King takes the technology that has made Precedent the premier transport refrigeration platform in the industry and optimizes it for food distribution. The S-610DE allows for two temperature zones in one trailer without adding remote evaporators, plus it is CARB Evergreen, so no DPF will ever be needed. And because only Thermo King offers a complete range of multi-temp units, there is the perfect solution for every customer. Contact your local Thermo King dealer to determine the solution that best fits your business.

  • Allows for two temperature zones in one trailer without adding remote evaporators
  • CARB Evergreen
  • No need for Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)
  • Delivers double digit fuel savings
  • Superior temperature control
  • Electronic fuel injection with real-time fuel monitoring and recording
  • >25 horsepower engine
Refrigeration Capacity
  • (System net cooling capacity at 100°F ambient and high speed engine operation)
  • Engine Power w/ETV: 35° F: 55,000 BTU/hr; 16,118 Watts
  • Engine Power w/ETV: 0° F: 30,000 BTU/hr; 8,792 Watts
  • Engine Power w/ETV: -20° F: 18,000 BTU/hr; 5,275 Watts
  • Electric Power: 35° F: 49,000 BTU/hr; 14,360 Watts
  • Electric Power: 0° F: 28,000 BTU/hr; 8,204 Watts
  • Electric Power: -20° F: 17,000 BTU/hr; 4,981 Watts
Heating Capacity
  • (System net heating capacity at 35/0°F ambient)
  • BTU/hr: 39,000
Airflow Capacity
  • Volume at 0 Pa static pressure: Combined zone 1 + zone 2 = 2,850 ft3/min
  • Engine: Four cylinder, direct injection, liquid cooled
  • Model: TK488CR
  • RPM at High Speed: 2,050
  • RPM at Low Speed: 1,250
  • Hp Rating at 2,050 RPM: 33
  • Oil Capacity: 12 qt
  • Maintenance Interval: 3,000 hrs/4,000 hrs
  • Lightweight aluminum alloy body, heads and deep sump
  • Model: X430L
  • Displacement: 30.0 in3
  • Type: (Zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP), internationally approved) R404A
  • Charge: 16.5 lb.
System Weight
  • System Weight: 1919 lbs
  • 50 gallon fuel tank w/bracket: 76 lbs
*Thermo King offers several electric standby options. See your Thermo King dealer for specific unit performance on the option that best suits your needs.



Refrigeration Capacity
55,000 BTU/hr (16,118 Watts)
Heating Capacity
39,000 BTU/hr


Airflow Volume
Combined zone 1 + zone 2 = 2,850 ft3/min


Engine Type
Four cylinder, direct injection, liquid cooled
Engine Model
Engine Rating
33 hp
Maintenance Intervals
3,000 hrs/4,000 hrs


1919 lb.
81.6 in. x 86.2 in. x 24 in.

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