Thermo King Precedent® C-600 Trailer Refrigeration System

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Thermo King
Precedent® C-600 Trailer Refrigeration System



For nearly 75 years, Thermo King has delivered superior products and performance for its customers. And with Precedent, we’re taking that reputation to an entirely new level, from improved reliability standards to compliance choices that don’t compromise performance. It’s our very best — and it’s meant to help your business save more money across every mile. Precedent began as a complete blank slate. Innovative strategies were brought to the table. Tried-and-true methods were held to higher standards. New technologies were considered; some didn’t make the cut. And in the end, we arrived at a platform that delivers double-digit fuel savings without the uncertainty of future compliance. Welcome to Precedent.

Precedent C-600: The lower-horsepower engine in the C-600 takes full advantage of the architecture of Precedent and provides the pull-down performance appropriate for many applications. This <25 horsepower engine uses mechanical fuel injection and other enhancements to meet emissions requirements while delivering reliable, efficient cooling power for your business.

C-Series: Utilizing an advanced control platform, the C-series intelligently monitors engine performance and provides significant gains in fuel efficiency.

  • Microchannel Condenser Coils: Unique curved structure and more than double the surface area ensures no “dead spots” to compromise your operations.
  • Reciprocating Compressor: Founded on a nearly 40-year operational legacy for unmatched serviceability and substantial efficiencies.
  • Proven Diesel Direct Electric: Ensures minimal energy loss (as opposed to an all-electrical solution) while maximizing fuel efficiency and reliability.
  • Testing: Precedent has undergone strenuous testing for three years to ensure optimal performance under all conditions.
  • Appearance Options: Options include chrome grills & accessories and LED lighting for a custom look both day and night.
  • Serviceability: Filtration systems are built around a 3,000 hour expected maintenance interval with improved accessibility.
  • Generator: Permanent Magnet Generator provides smaller, lighter and more reliable package for improved performance.
  • Condenser Fans: Smart induction motors operate electronically-driven fans based on conditions and needs of the refrigeration system.
  • Evaporator System: Utilizes dual-speed induction fan to maximize airflow at high and low engine speeds.
  • SmartPower™: Offers superior temperature control in electric standby situations. Available in both standard and high-output versions.
  • Battery Charger: An option to our traditional alternator, the electronically-driven battery charger provides superior longevity and reliability.
  • Belt Life: Each of Precedent’s belts is made of high-grade engineered rubber and designed to last 12,000 hours.
Refrigeration Capacity
  • (System net cooling capacity at 100°F ambient and high speed engine operation)
  • Engine Power w/ETV: 35° F: 59,000 BTU/hr; 16,998 Watts
  • Engine Power w/ETV: 0° F 34,000 BTU/hr; 9,964 Watts
  • Engine Power w/ETV: -20° F 21,000 BTU/hr; 6,154 Watts
  • Engine Power: 35° F: 51,000 BTU/hr; 14,947 Watts
  • Engine Power: 0° F 34,000 BTU/hr; 9,964 Watts
  • Engine Power: -20° F 21,000 BTU/hr; 6,154 Watts
Heating Capacity
  • (System net heating capacity at 35/0°F ambient)
  • BTU/hr : 50,000
Airflow Capacity
  • Volume at 0 Pa static pressure: 3,350 ft3/min
  • Type: four cylinder, direct injection, liquid cooled (Compliant with Final Tier 4 EPA Emissions Regulations Standards)
  • Model: TK486V25
  • Hp Rating at 2200 RPM: 24
  • Oil Capacity: 12 qt
  • Maintenance Interval: 3,000 hrs
  • Lightweight aluminum alloy body, heads and sump
  • Model: X430L
  • Displacement: 30.0 in3
  • Type: (Zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP), internationally approved) R404A
  • Charge: 14.5 lbs
System Weight
  • 1863 lbs
  • 50 gallon fuel tank w/bracket: 76 lbs



Refrigeration Capacity
59,000 BTU/hr (16,998 Watts)
Heating Capacity
50,000 BTU/hr


Airflow Volume
3,350 ft3/min


Engine Type
Four cylinder, direct injection, liquid cooled (Compliant with Final Tier 4 EPA Emissions Regulations Standards)
Engine Model
Engine Rating
24 hp
Maintenance Intervals
3,000 hrs


1863 lb.
81.6 in. x 86.2 in. x 24 in.

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