Thermo King Filters


Genuine Thermo King reduce operating costs while keeping your fleet running clean!

• Reduce labor costs associated with frequent filter changes

• Reduce clean-up and disposal costs

• Reduce environmental impact with less spillage and waste

• Extend your engine life with maximum filtration efficiency

• Free up inventory by reducing the need to stock excess filters


Designed uniquely for Thermo King applications, these filters meet our customers demanding needs.


Increases the life of the filter to match our Extended Maintenance Interval (EMI) for Thermo King units.


We maximize the amount of particles that can be captured in the filter to ensure your engine keeps running for a long time.

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Disclaimer: Thermo King of the Southeast is not authorized to sell parts outside of their area of responsibility. If you are looking to purchase parts outside of Florida or South Georgia, please contact your local Thermo King Dealer. Refer to the Thermo King Dealer locator for assistance.