Thermo King Compressors


Engineered exclusively

for transport applications

Built for continuous duty, reliable operation,

and long life in an environment that

features extreme fluctuations in operating

temperatures, constant shock and

vibration, dirt, dust, and other potential

contaminants. Reliability translates directly

to less downtime and lower operating costs.

Less wear and tear on bus

transmission and engine

The in-line, V-type, four-cylinder

reciprocating design of Thermo King

compressors, coupled with top center

positioning of pistons every 90 degrees

relative to the crankshaft, results in

smooth even torque load on the bus

transmission and engine crankshaft for

longer life, fewer repairs, fewer replacement

parts, and fewer man hours in repair.

Built for extended service life

Thermo King compressors have been

designed and built for extended service life.

And fewer repairs mean lower parts and

labor costs.

Fast and easy to service

A Thermo King compressor can be

completely overhauled by one mechanic

(using common shop tools) in less than

four (4) hours, without the need for

complicated and costly machining.

Reduces fuel consumption

The Thermo King unique clutch system

allows cycling at any engine speed. This

allows the compressor to disengage

when cooling isn’t needed, reducing the

load on the bus engine and conserving fuel.

The compressor is sized to provide capacity,

but not oversized to where it increases

fuel consumption and operating costs.

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Disclaimer: Thermo King of the Southeast is not authorized to sell parts outside of their area of responsibility. If you are looking to purchase parts outside of Florida or South Georgia, please contact your local Thermo King Dealer. For help finding your local dealer, refer to the Thermo King Dealer Locator.