Anti Siphon Device


In today’s competitive transport business, keeping fuel costs low is high on everyone’s priority list. As the cost of fuel increases, so do the instances of fuel theft through siphoning. Trucks, with their large fuel tanks, are most vulnerable. In order to prevent siphoning of fuel from fuel tanks, Thermo King introduces an advanced anti-siphon device for plastic as well as steel tanks. Designed for high performance filtration and optimum fuel safety, this anti-siphon device is a must have to protect your fuel investment! 

Your benefits:

  • High quality filtration.
  • Prevention of any attempt to illegally siphon fuel from the fuel tank.
  • Available for plastic and steel Thermo King fuel tanks.

Get an anti-siphon device from Thermo King of the Southeast today for peace of mind and savings for your business.

Product Brochure

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