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A reefer truck, or refrigerated trailer, is an shipping container used in freight transport that is refrigerated for the transportation of temperature sensitive items such as food, medicine, fish, groceries, pharmaceuticals or even ice cream.

Refrigerated containers are capable of controlling temperature ranging from -85F to over 100F. Thermo King's Precedent line leads the industry in maintaining cargo at controlled temperatures throughout it's journey over the road - "From Farm to Fork".

Reefer trailers have made the delivery of fresh food possible to areas of the world where it would be otherwise difficult if not impossible to do so.

Precedent_Shadow_2012The Precedent, shown here, is designed with performance and durability in mind. From dual-speed fans that maximise airflow at both high and low engine speeds, a Diesel Oxidation Catalyst to minimise emissions, high-grade belts with an approximate 12,000-hour service life, to an Exhaust Gas Recirculation Light system, and filtration systems with 3000-hour service intervals.

If you're hauling large cargo that needs to be refrigerated, Thermo King's Precedent is the right choice for you.

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